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Looking for Skype usernames? Learn how you can boys and girls on Skype to add as a friend. Browse our Skype usernames page to find the hottest boys and girls on Skype.

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Adding Skype names is a good way to meet new people. We have a large collection of Skype usernames that you can browse freely. You can also add your own username by downloading our free iPhone app (Android coming soon). You can submit your Skype name along with information like your display name, gender, age, and location. Adding a profile picture is highly recommended because it increases the chances of getting added by other users.

Please note that the Skype usernames feature will be released in the next version of our app.

About Skype

Skype is a free instant messaging service introduced in 2003 and owned by Microsoft in 2011. The app supports video conferencing, IP telephony, instant messaging, file transfer and screen sharing. The service can be used with the associated application program that is offered for many operating systems as well as with via a browser. Data transfer is based on a proprietary network protocol.

Skype allows free calling between Skype customers via the Internet. Internet telephones with customers of other online services are not possible. Connections to the telephone landline and mobile phones are possible (SkypeOut). To receive calls from the traditional telephone network, a fixed telephone number can be purchased (SkypeIn). The establishment of such a number is possible for around 25 countries, without being physically present in these countries. For some countries the proof of residence (but not the actual presence) is required for legal reasons; Currently affecting France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and South Korea. In the current version for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, conference calls with up to 25 callers are possible.