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Looking for the hottest Kik usernames? Browse our Kik usernames page and find girls and boys on Kik to add on your friend’s list. You can also add your own profile by downloading our free iPhone app (Android is coming soon).

Hottest Kik usernames

Our website has a large collection of Kik usernames which you can browse either by visiting the Kik usernames page or by downloading our iOS app. Every user submitting his or her Kik name can also enter his/her details like age, gender, location and can also upload a profile picture. Uploading a profile picture increases your chances of getting added by other users. But your are not required to do this.

So how does this work? We will explain now how you can find the best Kik names or add your own profile to the list of the hottest Kik usernames.

Add your own profile

To add your own Kik profile, you must first download our free app on your iPhone (Android version will be released soon). Once you have the app on your phone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Like we said, download and install our app on your iPhone;
  2. Next, start the app to continue;
  3. You will see an “Add Profile” button at the top left corner, click that to continue;
  4. Next, you will see some fields where you can enter your information;
  5. We recommend that you enter as much as possible, so don’t forget to enter your name, date of birth, and gender;
  6. Upload a nice picture of yourself to attract more people;
  7. Finally, enter your Kik username in the “Kik” field and hit the “Submit” button;

That’s it. Now your profile will be listed on our app and people can find and add you on Kik.

How to add a username on Kik

Ok let’s say you have found a great profile on our app and you wish to add it on your Kik friends list, so how do you proceed? It’s really easy, just follow the steps below:

  • On the profile page of the user, click on its username;
  • You will see a message below the screen that says “Username is copied to the clipboard”
  • Now close the Hotusernames app and open Kik;
  • Next, on Kik, click the search button at the top right corner;
  • Now, because the username is already copied to the clipboard, you can just tap on the field and choose “Paste”;
  • You will see the user appear on the same screen, click on the username to continue;
    Search Kik Friend
  • On the following profile screen, click the “Start chatting” button.
    Chat with Kik Friend

You’re done. You can now start chatting with the new friend on Kik.