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KakaoTalk ID’s

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How to find KakaoTalk Usernames

Starting with the next version of our app, you will be able to browse a huge list of KakaoTalk usernames, and you will also be to add your own profile. KakaoTalk is very popular in Asia so it’s an ideal messaging app for finding friends in countries like South Korea and Indonesia. So if you are looking for Korean friends, then this is the ultimate way to find one.

KakaoTalk ID's
Find the hottest KakaoTalk ID’s

About KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is an instant messaging service for smartphones and tablets. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile operating systems. In simplified versions, there are also CocoaTalk apps for Windows and macOS.

As an alternative to SMS, KakaoTalk allows its users to send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice messages. Telephone calls and conferences with up to five participants are also possible via the mobile data network. The Seoul-based company Kakao Corporation published KakaoTalk on March 18, 2010.