What is Hotusernames.com?

Hotusernames.com is a website where you can share your username on popular platforms like Snapchat and Kik. This allows you to meet new friends.

Can I upload my own username?

Yes, of course. Just create a free account and upload your profile.

Do I need to create an account to upload my profile?

Yes, it is required to create an account before you can upload your profile.

Can I edit my profile information?

Yes, just visit the My Profile page to edit your information.

Can I remove my account?

It’s possible to have your account removed from this website. Just visit the account removal page and fill out the form.

Am I allowed to upload an NSFW profile?

Yes, this is allowed

How do I report a profile?

If you think that a profile is breaking the rules, then use the report Report Profile link to let us know.

Can I send messages to other users?

This is not possible. You must add the other user with his/her username and use the chat app to send a message.

Can I comment on other people’s profiles?

Yes, every registered user can place a comment on a profile.

Do you also have a celebrities list?

Yes, visit the Celebrities page for celebrity usernames.