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BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is a great app to meet new people. It allows you to add people by BBM Pings. This is a unique code that every BBM user has. BBM is still very popular in Indonesia, so it’s a good start for meeting people from that country. But it’s also used in the United States and Australia.

Add BBM Pings

Finding and adding BBM pings is easy on Just visit the BBM Pings page and start adding new users. You can also filter on users with similar interests. This is how you do it.

  1. First, visit our page with BBM pings;
  2. You can filter by gender, interests, and location;
  3. Click on a profile and copy the BBM Ping;
  4. Enter the ping in the BBM app to add the new user.

What is Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger (abbreviated to BBM) is an instant messaging service of Blackberry. The software is preinstalled on all Blackberry devices. In October 2013 the service also appeared for Android and iOS devices and now for Windows Phone 8, so it can be used for cross-platform communication.

BBM was originally developed by Research In Motion (today Blackberry) for communication between the devices of the brand Blackberry with the Blackberry OS. A chat connection was established via the closed Blackberry network, to which third manufacturer did not have access to. From version 6.0, third-party applications can also use the BBM infrastructure, the list of supported applications includes, for example, Foursquare and the Huffington Post.

On May 15, 2013, Blackberry announced to develop BBM as an app for Apple iOS and Android and to release it in summer 2013. Blackberry’s goal was to compete with other cross-platform instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. After a shift of the release date, the app appeared on October 22, 2013, and was downloaded over 10 million times in the first 24 hours after publication.

The release of a version for the mobile operating system Microsoft Windows Phone was also announced in February 2014. Although it’s no longer available for the Windows mobile operating system.


  • Send and receive text messages of unlimited length
  • Notifications for delivery and retrieval / read status
  • Send files of any kind (eg pictures, voice messages, short films, music, PDF files, etc.)
  • Groups for chatting with multiple users, and sharing pictures, appointments, and lists
  • Communication in a game without changing the application
  • Calls via WLAN or the mobile network
  • Video calls over WLAN or the mobile network
  • “Channels” for simultaneous sending of messages, pictures, etc. to all subscribers of a channel
  • Screen of the chat partner
  • Running PayPal transactions between the chat partners